2012 was a tough year for me. I worked as the Front Office Manager at a franchised airport property hotel. This doesn’t mean much to most of you. In non-hotel speak that means I worked 12 hours a day (no joke) with a varying schedule. Usually it was Mon, Wed, and Fri 2pm to 2am, Sat 11am to 11pm, and Sun 7am to 7pm. I was yelled at, I was belittled, I was tired. I quickly realized I did not want to live my life that way. I missed my husband, my cats, my friends, and my family. I missed my life.

So, I got a new job. Nicer hours, no customer contact, and nicer pay. Yay.

Now I am learning how to re-socialize. How to be an interesting person again.

I am not a writer! I am not trying to pass myself off as one. I just thought I would start a place where I can keep track of my adventures. I hope to have a lot this year.

A few things about me so you understand where I am coming from. I love books, cats (of all shapes and sizes), renaissance faires, shopping, and a slew of other things. I am a very optimistic person. A weird equal mix of social butterfly extrovert and let-me-do-my-own-thing introvert. I am married to a pessimist introvert who I love with all my heart. He balances me out perfectly. He also loves cats. We don’t have children and don’t plan to. However we have 3 nephews and a niece.

So that’s it for now. I can’t promise how often I will post. I have made a goal for myself to try new things this year, at least one a month if not more. This blog is my space to catalog and comment on those adventures. First two planned? Zumba class on Monday and a Dabble class on Tuesday. Here we go….