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Peter S. Beagle and Me

An adventure from April 2010.

I went to The Last Unicorn Art show at the Tattoo Factory Gallery and met Peter S. Beagle. I also met Connor Cochran of Conlan Press, his publisher. Conner recognized my name… tells you how often I buy from them! I now own more signed works of Peter’s then unsigned.

I almost didn’t go because everyone bailed on me.
At night? In the city? By myself? ::bites nails::
However I knew this was a rare event so I forced myself to be brave. Extremely glad I did! The art was beautiful/breath-taking/intriguing and the company even better. It was my first time meeting Peter and he is an amazing man. I was a little too shy to hold a full conversation with him by myself but I shamelessly listened in (and occasionally participated) in conversations started by other fans.

On a side note Peter was wearing a T-Shirt that says “What would Buffy do?”–I want one of my own!

Below are some pictures of the art:

I loved this piece by Brianne Drouhard.24723_529630915383_1394882_nhttp://potatofarmgirl.blogspot.com/2010/04/last-unicorn-art-show.html

Unfortunately I did not get artist names for the rest of these–so if this is your art please feel free to claim it in the comments and I will update the blog with credit to you.

24723_529630920373_1790301_n 24723_529630975263_5154191_n 24723_529630985243_3047029_n 24723_529630995223_1706518_n 24723_529631000213_5550000_n 24723_529631030153_5283269_n 24723_529631040133_3114494_n

There are rumors of The Last Unicorn movie taking a theater tour across the United States with Peter in attendance. I can promise you that will be one Adventure I will not miss!