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The Zumba class I mentioned in my very first post was delayed by a couple of weeks due to the cold that seems to have caught everyone this year. So this Monday was my first class.

I went with my mom and we took the class through my local park district. Can’t beat $7 a class! The facility is nice, clean, and airy with two big fans in the room which I quickly fell in love with.
The teacher (instructor, coach, whatever her official title is) was a little… I’ll say ‘odd’. She didn’t look in shape but when she started dancing she obviously has a belly dancing and Latin background. Russian with a blond slicked back mohawk–shaved on the sides–and white & silver band-new looking sneakers from the 90s. Kind of like these puppies minus the pink:


With grey sweatpants and the brightest purple shirt I have ever seen.  While dancing she was fluid and graceful. Awkward looking when she wasn’t. She actually got winded during one of the songs and waved us all on to keep dancing while she took a breather. The only place she showed visible sweat was around her underwear line. I think her name was Barb.

In total the class was fun. I realized just how bad my cardio has gotten over the years so I am determined to make as many Monday classes as I can. However I am not opposed to checking out other dance/exercise classes, either through the park district or other venues.

Zumba is SO much better than running!