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It’s been a little while since I posted about an adventure, I am sorry. I’ve actually had a few and will share them with you over the next few weeks.

The first I would like to share is the Chicago Cider Summit.


My husband and I are new to the cider fan club. We first had a Fox Barrel: Pacific Pear at a restaurant called Lucky Monk and it was instant love. I ‘Liked’ Fox Barrel on Facebook and was thrilled to see the Cider Summit event come across my newsfeed. However being a busy bee I neglected to buy tickets in advance and save my husband and I the $5 each per ticket.

When the day of the summit arrived we spent a relaxing morning before heading to Navy Pier. Let me tell you that buying tickets in advance was the smart thing to do! Because the rest of us unprepared people had to waiting in line as the summit leaders decided if they could even grant us access–they had sold double the tickets expected and had run out of cups!


After about an hour we finally made it the doors. It was worth the wait!
There were a few other hiccups (a few vendors ran out of cider and some of the booths were hard to get to) that I fully expect to be eliminated for next years summit. This was their first time in Chicago and I am sure a learning experience for the staff.
Our personal lesson for next year: Buy tickets in advance and show up early!

Below are pictures I took at the summit with ratings on the ciders we tasted. We tend to lean towards fruitier drinks so you may disagree with my ratings, but that is why there are so many different flavors–something to match everyone’s tastes!


First thing we tasted was Woodchuck Hard Cider: Private Reserve–Thumbs Up


Next was Original Sin: Cherry Tree–Thumbs Up
(I didn’t get a picture of the bottle but loved all of their art posters!)


Crispin: Apple–Thumbs Up
Fox Barrel: Unfiltered Pear–Thumbs Down
(however, as stated above I have had their Pacific Pear and loved it)


Doc’s Draft: Pear–Thumbs Up
Doc’s Draft: Apple–Thumbs Down


Cider House of Wisconsin: Black Dragon–Thumbs Down


Virtue: Mitten–Big Thumbs Down.
Kinda tasted like someone threw up in the bottle.


Citizen Cider–Thumbs Sideways (meaning just OK)


Julian Hard Cider–Another Big Thumbs Down


J.K. Scrumpy: Orchard Gate Gold–Giant Thumbs Up.
Our favorite of the night! Tasted like apple cider with liquor in it.


Uncle John’s: Apple–Thumbs Down
Uncle John’s: Cinnamon Fire Ball–Thumbs Up

After the summit, being one step away from drunk and unable to drive, we opted to walk to dinner at one of my favorite restaurants downtown: Grand Lux Cafe.  The food there is always amazing! Plus the decor is just beautiful to look at.

The walk home provided us with the biggest surprise and laugh of the night–2 live camels just hanging out on the sidewalk. That’s living in Chicago for you!


And then one more picture just for fun: