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I love to make things with my hands.
The apartment my husband, our three cats, and I currently live in doesn’t really give me a lot of room for crafting. But every now and then I manage to clear a space on the floor, throw down old towels, and make something.
Winter has me extra antsy and itching to craft so I was excited to see the unofficial Pinterest Challenge project posed by SherryKatie, Megan, and Michelle on their blogs.  My project isn’t as extensive as some of theirs–I blame it on the tiny apartment. 😉

I decided to create some crayon art a’la many Pinterest pins for my nephew’s 7th birthday and am pretty proud of the result!


The supplies I used:
~ One blank canvas.
~ Two very large boxes of crayola crayons (I actually over bought on crayons).
~ A heat gun (the kind sold for embossing. I chose the heat gun because many tutorials I read talked about the splatter they got when using their hairdryers).
~ A small hot glue gun.
~ Markers.

I really like the crayon art on Pinterest which feature a girl/couple/etc under an umbrella. There are so many of them that I don’t really have a specific pin/site to reference here.
My nephew loves monkeys so I though it would be an adorable substitute. I wanted a monkey that was cute but not childish as he is getting older. I found this picture at www.timtim.com:


I printed the picture and cut the outline of the monkey and umbrella out. I then used it to trace the outline. I free-handed the rest of the monkey using the picture as a reference( but I decided to make my monkey happy and smiling). Once the monkey was complete I used markers to darken the outline.

2013-02-22_13-16-56_611I drew the monkey first in case I really messed it up–then I could glue the crayons over it and cover my mistake. But since I liked the outcome I kept the monkey and proceeded to create Davey’s name with masking tape. I used a crayon as reference to make sure I left enough room at the top. The sticky part of the tape melted a bit and the crayons also bled under the tape–next time I will try a different method, maybe vinyl letters?

I cut a plastic cup in half and taped it over the umbrella to protect my drawing. I wanted a little bit of crayon to hit the umbrella to make it look like it was actually protecting the monkey from the ‘rain’.
A note for next time: use a paper cup as I almost melted the plastic one onto the canvas. When I pulled the cup off it took part of my umbrella color with it so I had to redraw parts.

Then I hot-glued the crayons to the top and it was time to melt them. I found this totally fun and relaxing!  I had to “assist” some of colors over the tape of the letters by point the heat gun in different directions. It also melted surprisingly fast with the heat gun.