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This past weekend the husband and I decided to spend a day downtown with our good friend Kraig. The Field Museum‘s Creatures of Light: Nature’s Bioluminescence exhibit was our goal.

On the way we stopped at m.henrietta‘s for brunch. I had the Blackberry Bliss Cakes (which I neglected to get a photo of) and let me tell you they were divine!! I am devising ways to make this restaurant “on the way” to more of our weekend plans.

Next was a ride down the red line and a stop at the Chicago Cultural Center for the International Vintage Poster Fair we had heard rumors of. The Cultural Center is easily one of my favorite buildings in the city. Every time I walk into it I fall in love again.
After wandering around the building, taking in the gorgeous architecture, and checking out the many pieces of art we found our way to the poster fair… and promptly left without entering. They wanted to charge $15 just give you the chance of purchasing one of their posters. If I am going to spend money I don’t want to be charged to do so!

South Dome-- Chicago Cultural Center

South Dome--B&W-- Chicago Cultural Center

Arch-- Chicago Cultural Center

Ceiling and Lights-- Chicago Cultural Center

Ceiling-- Chicago Cultural CenterSo onto the Field Museum! I have been to many exhibits (the Ganghis Khan exhibit exceeded all expectations and was one of the best exhibits I have ever seen) at the Field and I am sad to say this one ranked near the bottom. I was disappointing to find that there were only two live bioluminescence creatures to see (some fish and a bacteria) the rest was just well done fancy lighting and giant plastic replicas.
I do believe this exhibit will impress the young children and is certainly pretty to look at but I only learned a handful of new information and didn’t see anything memorable. If you are already planning to be at the museum stop by as it’s worth a look but don’t take a special trip, as it’s not worth it. (If you have seen the exhibit share your thoughts on it and if you agree/disagree with my less then thrilling review of it.)
The one highlight was when I learned synthetic Rubies–and some real, depending on where they are from–glow under blacklight–this is getting added to my Christmas list!!

Overall it was a fun day spent in the company to two handsome men–what more can a girl ask for?