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I do not consider myself an author. My writing skills are average at best, my spelling skills less so.
I started this blog as a place to document my adventures.  A reason to be adventuresome in all its many forms, large and small.  To help create the motivation to say “Yes” to new things.
I don’t yet have a pattern and schedule for writing.  However the concept and reason for starting this blog has done its job as I have gone on many adventures — — I am just behind on posting about them, lol.

Having not shared this blog with my friends on Facebook and only telling my husband of its existence I have no expectations to the number of viewers beyond 1. Every time I log in and see the stats I am thrilled and amazed again by the power of the internet. Complete strangers that I have no direct knowledge of have managed to stumble across my humble page and read my musings.

My stats so far:

My views as of April 16th 2013


I have never met anyone from Finland yet someone from there has checked out my page. I think this is awesome. I love technology and how it is making the world a smaller place.

Thank you to the 124 people who have looked at my blog. I hope you enjoyed your time here.
And thank you to any future readers. = )