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My first attempt at melting crayons in an artsy fashion turned out pretty good so I decided to try again. This time for my sister’s 29th birthday.

She showed me the below pin and half jokingly said “I wouldn’t mind this for my birthday.”


I wanted to give her something unique that no one else had so I decided to make hers a little different… by adding a Dalek. I had the perfect layout in my head. So off to Jo-Ann’s I went with my 50% off coupon.

Supplies Needed:
Heat Gun
Painter’s Tape
Colored Pencils

First I pulled open Google and found a picture of the Tardis and a Dalek that I liked. Next I opened Word and made sure that I had the bases set to the same size. Then I printed the pictures and cut them out to use as an outline.
I found the Tardis harder to draw then the Dalek. Go figure.



I had plenty of crayons left over from my first project however I wanted to add something special since the Daleks are metal. So I headed to Target and bought about $6 worth of metallic and sparkling Crayola crayons. I feel like these really added that special something to the complete product.

I didn’t want to leave the crayons on the canvas this time so I attached them to cardboard (I reused an old gift box) instead and then taped the cardboard onto the canvas. I quickly realized that it would be easier to have the wrappers off the crayons. So my sweet husband helped me disassemble everything and peel off the wrappers.


I used two different techniques:
1) For the Tardis I kept flipping the cardboard over so that the crayons flipped sides– –this way I had all colors on both sides. I also ran the melted tips of the crayons along the canvas to create swirly patterns, instead of just letting them drip down. I want it to look all wibbly wobbly timey wimey.
2) For the Dalek I let the crayons drip down. however I started the crayons near the bottom of the canvas and moved them up an inch every so often. This helped prevent big blank white spots near the bottom.


Once both sides were done I ran the heat gun over the middle to blend the blues and browns a bit.

A tip from me to you: wear clothes you don’t mind getting stained/dirty! I slipped with the crayons and am still working on getting the stain out.


The painters tape did not hold as well as I wanted. I had quite a few spots that bled under. If I do a future project I am going to try something else. Last time I used masking tape which also bled AND a lot of the sticky part melted to the canvas. If anyone has ideas/suggestions I am all ears!

IMG_20130414_142609_931 copy

As a final touch I did some additional coloring on the Dalek and Tardis with colored pencil. It really helped them standout and made the lines clearer. (I think it looks way cooler in person then I managed to portray in the picture)

Dalek Tardis

The best part: You can turn/hang the canvas 3 different ways depending on your mood!

Happy Birthday Sis!!

100MEDIA36IMAG3987(yes, that is a Portillo’s chocolate cake)