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Last night I took a Burlesque Basics class.

I booked the class through Dabble and was a little apprehensive as I was going by myself to a class outside of my comfort zone. I am so glad I went– –the class was a blast!

It was held at The Den Theatre in Chicago, which was the perfect setting. The lighting is low and there are couches and chairs strewn about the common areas. Our class was held in a small private room with seating and a same level ‘stage’ area.

Before class we were offered a glass of wine (part of the package) while we all sat down and learned a little bit about each other. There were 6 of us in total, all with differing body types. I would say the age levels were between 20-35.  MsPixy of the Belmont Burlesque Revu, the teacher, was amazing at making one feel instantly comfortable. She had a great sense of humor and charming personality.
I also felt right at home as many of the other girls were as nerdy as me– –Harry Potter tattoos  comic-book print panties, and Don’t Panic phone screen savers all made appearances.

Once in our room we received a new pair of evening gloves then started warming up. MsPixy took us through some warm up stretches then started teaching us the basics of Burlesque along with some tips and tricks (I now know several sexy was to take off evening gloves.) Next we talked about our Burlesque ‘personalities’ and made up our own mini-routine. I probably could have used another glass of wine at this time as the first one had worn off, lol, but I powered through my anxiety as the 6 of us each took turns at the end of class performing our routine. We cat-called, whistled, rooted and hollered as each girl performed and stripped down to their bra and panties in their own unique way. I could tell I wasn’t the only one a bit nervous and anxious but once through the routine the high you get after braving a fear is amazing. I felt powerful, seductive, and at one with my body!

Burlesque really isn’t all that hard. You just need to have confidence in yourself and take your time– –MsPixy’s class helped me gain some of that confidence. Thank you for a wonderful evening!!

A few more private practices at home and I think I’ll be ready to show my husband my new found Burlesque skill. = )