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The week of the 13th I ventured down to New Orleans on a work conference. A close friend of mine also works at the same company so we went down half a day early and bummed around the French Quarter. I took a ton of photos (holy architecture Batman!) and truly enjoyed my time down there.
Since there is so much to mention I am only going to focus on the food in this blog (there will be another post about Ghosts & Bars plus VooDoo & Shopping).

Our home for 3 nights was on Royal Street at the Hotel Monteleone.

Royal Street

We landed around noon on Monday and per a recommendation by the door man we had lunch at Mr. B’s Bistro. The duck springrolls (filled with duck confit, shiitake mushrooms, spinach and goat cheese; served with sweet ginger-garlic dipping sauce) were our choice and they were delicious! It was my first time eating duck. = )

We also tried the world acclaimed beignets of Cafe du Monde… which turned out to be nothing more than glorified Funnel Cake.

For lunch on Tuesday we headed a block or so down Royal Street to a little cafe called ‘Cafe Beignet’ which (in my humble opinion) had MUCH better beignets then Cafe du Monde–closer to a doughnut then funnel cake–light and fluffy too. Also, they had outdoor seating and a resident cat–which made the dinning experience that much better! Along with my beignets I had the poor-boy sandwich (french bread roll filled with roast beef smothered in gravy) and it was delish! (as a note, some co-workers went to Cafe Beignet on Bourbon Street and had a bad experience. So if you try them stick with the Royal Street location)

The cat at Cafe Beignet, Royal Street. http://www.cafebeignet.com/

The cat at Cafe Beignet, Royal Street.

Unbeknownst to me work had planned for some of us to have dinner at Mr. B’s Bistro on Tuesday night, so back again I went.
Since I was in a strange city (and work was paying) I went outside my comfort zone and tried rabbit for the first time. To me it tasted like a mix of chicken and pork-chops–so yummy in my book. Dessert was the fabulous bread pudding. I definitely give this restaurant two thumbs up!

Braised Rabbit

Braised Rabbit

We ventured around the corner to Bourbon Street for Wednesday’s lunch at Le Bayou Restaurant and Oyster Bar. I had a blacken chicken sandwich and my friend had a poor-boy sandwich. Both were amazing. Overall in New Orleans we received outstanding customer service but I have to say that Le Bayou stood out even among the rest. Really friendly and genuine!

Our last meal in New Orleans was a large group dinner with all of my fellow conference attendees. We ate at Drago’s Restaurant from a pre-selected menu. Out of all of our dining locations this was my least favorite food-wise. We had an appetizer of charbroiled oysters that were amazing–and I generally do not like seafood. But for my main dish I had chicken that I give an ‘eh’ rating too. Overall a good experience but can’t really compare to all of the amazing dishes and service that we received throughout the rest of our trip.