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In my blog from May 31st I explained how I spent 3 1/2 days in New Orleans at a work conference. During the evening hours we did a lot of socializing at bars.

Bar #1: Flanagan’s Pub
On Monday, we decided to go on one of the numerous ghost tours. Per the recommendation of the Hotel Monteleone‘s concierge we chose French Quarter PhantomsThe tour started at a bar called Flanagan’s pub. We got there early to enjoy a drink and have dinner.  It’s a hole-in-the-wall type place with a lot of charm. They only have a few beers on tap (and none of them Irish, go figure) and pretty good food. “Employees and Werewolves Only” is hand printed on a cardboard sign leading into the kitchen. Once you are settled for awhile you start to notice little plastic dinosaurs hiding everywhere–we had a fun time hunting them down (the bartender even gave us one after noticing our geeky excitement in locating all of them).
This bar, by far, had the best Hurricanes we tried!
Turns out Flanagan’s Pub is a bartenders bar (explains the super yummy drinks) and as the bartenders leave they steal dinosaurs to take and hid at their bars… so this place is ground zero for all the little plastic dinosaurs invading New Orleans.

Plastic Dinosaur at Flanagan's Pub

Plastic Dinosaur at Flanagan’s Pub

The ghost tour itself was fun! Our tour guide (whose name I forgot) was entertaining and great at his job. I highly recommend it (even though no ghosts were sighted).
During the tour we happened to walk by a film crew that were putting together a rumored Jeep commercial. So if you happen to see a a bar named Dominique’s in an ad look for our tour walking in the background.


Bar #2: The Funky Pirate
uesday night our whole work group headed down to The Funky Pirate, which is a Blues bar.  I have to say that the music was amazing! The band not only sounded great but they were showmen who were awesome at getting the audience involved. The rowdy/raunchy nursery rhyme song was my favorite. However the drinks at this bar sucked. So after a few songs my friend Becca and I grabbed a couple of coworkers and headed out to our next bar.

Bar #3: Pirates Alley Cafe and Absinthe House
Their website says it best “Only a few feet from the St. Louis Cathedral, the oldest active church in the country, and the Cabildo, former center of government where the Louisiana Purchase was signed. It’s famous lamp post at the intersection with Cabildo Alley, marks a historically significant spot. Standing beneath this lamp post you are in the closest proximity of Church, State and Bar in the world.”
Small tables located in the alley outside create a great space to sit and visit (we had beautiful weather). Their drinks are amazing–I had one called Pirates Punch.
Marked of off my Bucket List: drink at the closest bar to a church in the world.

The view from our table. You can see the Jesus statue in the church garden and the wall of the church.

This picture created by Photo-to-Comic Book Art (https://www.facebook.com/EasiBella?fref=ts).  Becca and I with our drinks.

Becca and I (left) in-front of the church garden with our drinks.  This picture created by Photo-to-Comic Book Art (https://www.facebook.com/EasiBella?fref=ts).

Bar #4: Lafitte’s Blacksmith Shop Bar
Another mark off of my Bucket List: drink at the oldest structure used as a bar in the United States.
The drinks here were pretty good–a nice solid B–and the atmosphere was old, dark, and intimate. If you are into history the structure is just down right cool. They had a piano in the back room and outdoor seating.

Lafitte's During the Day

Lafitte’s During the Day