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Since I made a Crayon Art piece for my nephew’s birthday and my sister’s birthday I knew I had to make one for my niece Lily.  I wanted to try a new technique that I found on Pinterest, originally from the blog Artistic Junkie.

From Artistic Junkie

I laid out all of the same supplies as last time, except I choose vinyl letters to try and prevent the crayons from bleeding into the white spaces.

My youngest kitty, Odessa, is helping me prepare.

My youngest kitty, Odessa, is helping me prepare.

I started on the upper left corner and it was working great… up until I got close to the letter L. As most of you probably foresaw (but I didn’t–looking back going “duh”) the vinyl started to melt.  Uh Oh!  So I quickly re-evaluated and decided to drip the crayons down onto the canvas from up high.  This turned out to be a hot looking mess. AND the crayon bleed under the vinyl a lot more then I experienced with masking tape.

Pinterest Fail

My husband suggested I fill in the lettering with white paint to help it stand out.  Not a bad idea but the paint showed every single bump and inconsistency in the canvas/melted crayon.

Pinterest Fail... a little better

The edges are rough and the whole thing looks as if my niece made it for herself.  So I made a tough decision (after all the time I spent–this took way longer than my other two pieces!) and threw the whole thing out. I restarted the project using the same technique I did for my nephew’s gift.

Ah, much better!

Ah, much better!