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Sometimes you just need a night away from it all, so a last-minute trip to Galena, IL. was in order! After putting out extra food and water for the cats the husband and I left Friday afternoon.

We arrived just in time to make our reservations for dinner at the Perry Street Brasserie and it was beyond amazing.  I would even go so far as to say Fantastical!  This is a tiny place so make reservations but you will not regret a meal here.  The staff is friendly and as obsessed with the food as we were. I can easily say it was the best crème brûlée of my life.  The chef is famous among the cooking world (or so I’ve come to understand–I don’t actually cook myself) and has even served The Beatles.

We stayed overnight at the Mont Rest Bed & Breakfast in Bellevue, IA.  I booked this place Thursday night after realizing everything in Galena was either sold out or way over our price-range.  Google maps showed Bellevue situated right across the Mississippi river…. however I should have done driving directions! It is actually a 45 minute drive away since there is no direct bridge–we had to drive through Debuque, IA for a 45 minute one-way trip.  It was a pretty drive though, so it didn’t really seem that bad.

View of the Mont Rest from the street below.

View of the Mont Rest from the street below.

When we arrived they had just finished up one of their themed dinners (Titanic) and it looked beautiful and fun.  Our room was part of the back wing of the house and titled “The Eagle’s Nest”.  The layout was different than shown on the site but still a nice clean room.

Picture from Mont Rest's website of The Eagle's Nest room.

Picture from Mont Rest’s website of The Eagle’s Nest room.

What the room actually looked like.

What the room actually looked like. Sorry, hard to get a better photo with my point-in-shoot. Bed was flat against the wall with many mirrors as the headboard.

My husband is not a big fan of Bed & Breakfasts. This was only the second one we’ve stayed at as a couple.  He’ll reluctantly admit that the place was nice but he finds them kitchy and uncomfortable.  A Hollywood horror movie of the owners murdering us in our sleep always runs through his mind.  He also is an introvert so the idea of sharing breakfast with complete strangers and making small talk makes his skin crawl.
This creepy painting of old women above the fireplace in our room did not help the situation.

"We disapprove of all you are doing on that bed."

“We disapprove of all you are doing on that bed.”

On our way out the door Saturday morning we purchased a Deneen Pottery mug to add to our collection. That makes 3 total for our cabinets.

Mont Rest Deneen Pottery Mug

The main reason we went to Galena in the first place was to kayak. About 5 years ago we went kayaking in Baraboo, WI in October, when the temperatures were running below average, it was a blast but very very cold.  This weekend the temperatures were also below average. I am starting to think we are jinxed. Thank goodness August below-average is still warmer than October below-average.Fever River

The Galena river meanders and is very shallow with many downed trees. We got stuck a few times and had to work hard not to run into things. It was beautiful trip though with many wildlife sightings: herd of deer crossing the river, herons, fish, various things swimming underwater creating bubble trails.Kayaking Galena River

One of the many times we had to push ourselves down the river.

We spent the rest of the day shopping downtown before having dinner at the Galena Brewing Company (wonderful Summer Shandy made with their Summer Weiss and lemonade) and then heading home.