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While walking around Galena the previous weekend the husband and I stopped in a tea shop and walked away with bags of food (Sweet Potato Pecan Butter, Chocolate Raspberry Jam, Spiced Rum Butterscotch Sauce–yum!) but not with this gorgeous tea pot that I fell in love with.

Look at those smooth lines.

Look at those smooth lines.

My birthday falls at the end of the month so I passed on purchasing it and instead ran home and tried to add it to my Amazon Wish List.
In Galena this tea pot was marked at $44.95 plus tax. On Chantal‘s website it goes for $45 plus tax AND shipping. Amazon ranges from $49 to $68!!  I could not ask anyone to pay so much when I knew it was available for so much cheaper. Internet, you failed me.

Lucky for me, my sister headed to Galena the weekend after me for an Arbonne conference. I begged her to hunt down the tea shop and buy me that pot.  She obliged me and I now have a black stoneware tea pot on my counter. Thanks, sis!!