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www.Dabble.co is quickly becoming my favorite website! Back in April I took an Intro to Burlesque class and this month I took a Glass Pumpkin Sculpture class at Chicago Hot Glass with my mom. It was so much fun!

Examples of the glass pumpkins we are making--these were made by our teacher, Kit Paulson.

Examples of the glass pumpkins we are making–these were made by our teacher, Kit Paulson.

Step 1: Pick out your colors.

My mom's design and my design.

My mom’s design on the left and mine on the right.

Step 2: Retrieve hot glass.

Step 3: Dip glass in desired color.

Dipping in Color

Step 4: Melt color into glass by reheating in the Glory Hole (yes, that IS what it’s called)

Mom at the Glory Hole

Step 5: Twist hot glass to make fun pattern.

Twisting the Glass

Step 6: Retrieve even more hot glass–this time over the swirly pattern you made.

Step 7: Add color if you want and melt into glass.

Step 8: Round out glass and then reheat.

Molding the Glass

Step 9: Shove glass into mold to make pumpkin shape.Shape the Glass

Step 10: Have someone flatten the bottom of your pumpkin while you score the top. This is the time to finish shaping your pumpkin.

Shape the Pumpkin

Step 11: Knock pumpkin off of the rod.

Pumpkins before their stems are on

Step 12: Add pumpkin stem and twist as desired.

Twisting the stem

Step 13: Put glass pumpkin into heater where it will be gradually cooled overnight so it doesn’t explode.

Pumpkins in the oven

Sorry for the blurriness.

Step 14: Wait for pumpkin to arrive in mail and then take picture of finished product.

Our finished pumpkins.

Our finished pumpkins. Mine on the left, my mom’s is on the right.


FYI: Kit Paulson, our teacher, is one of the artists making glass pumpkins for the Morton Arboretum‘s glass pumpkin patch. These glass pumpkins are much larger than the ones we made in class and all are beautiful. You should check them out!

Glass Pumpkin Patch